EVLANG – What is it?


The Evlang Programme is a European programme of pedagogical innovation and research. It is supported by the European Commission within the framework of Socrates-Lingua. Evlang finished in June 2001.


For more than three years, from 1997 to 2001 partners from Austria, Spain, Italy and France worked on this project together as well as our Swiss partners who joined Evlang thanks to the support given by the Swiss Federal Office of Education and Science.*


The aim of the Evlang programme was to examine if the activities of language awareness carried out in Primary School achieved the effects we expected. To do so, we took as a basis a large number of pupils and used a research methodology which was closely monitored.  

The activities that were carried out can be classified in these three areas:

  • the production of didactic materials for pupils to be used for a course lastinf from one to one and a half years, and which takes place a the last stage of Elementary School;

  • teacher training to prepare teachers to implement these activities in their classes;

  • the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of these courses.

Here we present the assessment of these three years of innovation and research. 

*In France, the programme received as well the support of
Délégation Générale à la Langue Française (Ministère de la Culture)